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Made Dwi Suarsana


Born Made Dwi Suarsana, sometime late last century under a gemini sun, in Bali, back when it was the Island of the Gods, Made is considered by many to be an exemplar, and possibly protonym of the dive professional category, Made to Measure.

The first serious attempt to apply classical categorisation theory to dive professionals was undertaken in late 2012. Following extensive study and drawing on Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory, researchers propose an axiomatic system that allocates dive professionals into one of two partitions – Off the Rack and Made to Measure.

Off the Rack ordinal level groupings include:-

  • king of the kids inane, found preening primarily on the crowded beaches of Thailand, only of concern when they venture further afield,
  • ageing ex pats  jaded, love of the ocean and warm weather finds them trapped in exotic locations far from home,
  • sincere  annoyed, not quite jaded but beginning to show visible signs of frustration.

Largely harmless, Off the Rack dive professionals are most easily identified by the following distinction sets – inability to tailor personal style/behaviour to different audiences; reliance on well worn itineraries and accompanying spiel; and a limited range of interests and active friendships outside the dive industry.

In stark contrast the second partition, Made to Measure, captures a much rarer breed of dive professional:-

  • King of the kids  genuine love of sharing the underwater world with others,
  • Gorgeous Ageing Expats  have other important things to do but can sometimes be enticed into leading one more dive trip,
  • Sincere  feel unhappy/unwell/unsettled if away from the ocean for too long.

A joy to go diving with, Made to Measure dive professionals are most easily identified by the following distinction sets – ability to present a steadfast core and fit seamlessly into a diverse range of groups; flexible/adventurous; capacity to find the new and lead from behind.

And then there is Made Dwi Suarsana. Those in the know rank Made amongst the highest order of Made to Measure dive professionals and some whisper of the curative powers of his laugh.

Sadly, Made’s indisputable status does not guarantee a reliable ability to accurately read and report on the strength of oceanic currents.

Made and Pam after quite a few unexpected current-y dives


Guess you can’t always have everything

Kami semua sedikit jatuh cinta dengan Made (We are all a little in love with you)

Cheers big ears,  J