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The Fab Veechee

The original Veitch Device

Self-acclaimed underwater photographer and travel guide, Mike Veitch, is credited with the development of the Veitch Device. Born Michael William Veitch, mid last century, somewhere in British Columbia, Canada, Mr Veitch first announced the launch of the Veitch Device in early 2012 on his web log, Mike Veitch Photography and Travel.

Designed to assist the transition from one state of being to another, the original Vietch Device took the form of a packed dive suitcase placed randomly, but prominently, in the corner of the front room of a recently acquired terrestrial home.

An otherwise reasonably competent man, Veitch initially designed the Device to help calm the terror of wearing shoes and navigating traffic and to sooth the horror of supermarkets and laundries. An important, though unexpected benefit of the original Veitch Device was its ability to create the impression of a reasonable explanation for Mr Veitch’s disappointing performance on the golf course.

Despite best efforts to retain control over the concept of a Veitch Device, by late 2012 hippypreneurs from as far afield as Ubud, Indonesia; Portland, Oregon; and the northern coast of New South Wales, Australia, had begun marketing weekend retreats based on the idea, notably “Finding Your V Qi Device Within”. While regional differences have emerged most retreats incorporate the requirement that participants select an item, usually a pebble or small plastic knick-knack, which they commit to carrying on their person henceforth.

In more mainstream communities, the concept of a Veitch Device is now commonly used by middle aged men and women to justify inappropriate purchases or actions generally associated with mid-life crises. For example, “This is not just a bright red sports car mate, it’s a bloody Veechee Device” [sub. nipple ring, tattoo, pony tail, drum kit, surf board, decree nisi].

Meanwhile, the original Veitch Device remains packed and ready to go, although some observers report a slight improvement to Mr Veitch’s golf game.

Happy Whale Shark Day,  J

Photo courtesy of Mike Veitch, self-acclaimed underwater photographer and travel guide, occasional Director of Photography here at oldladyholidaysnaps.